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Legacy fulfilment systems are poorly equipped to integrate multichannel customer interactions, such as web, print, mobile, events and lead generation. ADvance can present this data as a unified view, creating a goldmine that helps you segment and monetize your audience in new ways, offering sharper marketing, higher sales, and lower costs.

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Create a unified view of your customers 

ADvance draws data from multiple existing systems, such as web registrations, print subscriptions and payment systems, and presents a unified view of the total audience. No changes are required to the source systems. From nothing more than a web browser, authorised users access ADvance to analyse almost any aspect of the customer base.

Exploit powerful analytics and insight 

ADvance includes powerful Analytics capabilities that offer many of the features available in standalone business intelligence solutions at a fraction of the price – and without the implementation and integration costs.  ADvance Analytics gives you the power to develop your audience, based on insight into trends, value and data across all brands, products and services. Using innovative cloud technologies, ADvance delivers a complete view of your audience, enabling up- and cross-selling between brands and channels, and cuts fulfilment bureau costs into the bargain.

Manage paywalls, gatekeeping and access control 

ADvance provides truly flexible gatekeeping and access control technology which gives the publisher the freedom to repackage content for digital products and try out different revenue models. ADvance supports time-based subscription, metered, PPV and various corporate and institute licensing models such as IP authentication and concurrent session management.

Discover, develop and create new products 

ADvance creates the power to identify cross-brand opportunities, correct duplications and errors, and analyse your existing audience for potential new products. For example, ADvance reveals shared customers across brands, the products they consume and the revenue they bring. The unified view of your audience presented by ADvance creates a powerful ability to explore habits, readership and customer value – and highlight the potential for new revenue opportunities.

Benefit from cost-effective cloud technologies 

The ADvance platform is delivered as a cloud transactional service. The ADvance team builds the links to your source data systems, which continue to operate as usual, and provides secure access over the web. Cloud computing avoids capital expenditure as there are no servers to buy and install, and there is no software to configure; all you need is a browser, a network connection, and an authorised user identity.

From the easy-to-use web interface, ADvance enables cross-brand questions to be answered rapidly and reliably: for example, how many customers share the job title ‘accountant’ across three products and subscribe to both the web and print editions? The result is available within seconds, based on real-time data from all the source systems.