Email and newsletter broadcasting

Email Management – Dispatch

Dispatch is a comprehensive broadcast tool allowing non-technical users to manage distribution of email-based services. The system allows the website manager to create, control, send and report on email alerts, newsletters, campaign marketing and SMS messages. These can be one-off pieces or automatically generated from a content management system and sent on a scheduled basis. Dispatch can co-exist with most email servers.

It has been developed as a robust mail platform, with the configurability to handle different mail clients and activity reporting. Dispatch is designed to integrate tightly with our Webvision, Webstructure, Recruit and Marketplace products, and allows you to format and select information from these systems for your email communications. This can be done on a one-off basis to create individual newsletters, or scheduled to run automatically based on CMS criteria, such as priority, category, publish date or mail recipient user preferences.

Dispatch features:

  • Create email alerts/newsletters based on customer criteria from the CMS
  • Create one-off alerts and newsletters
  • Create automatically personalised newsletters
  • Create e-mail send schedules
  • Send scheduled or unscheduled alerts to registered users
  • Create, manage and send HTML and plain text versions
  • Integration with SMS gateway providers
  • Send test emails prior to live broadcast
  • View activity reports on e-mail sends
  • View error reports to identify incorrect mail addresses