Retail Week invigorates homepage layout using Webvision

We are delighted to announce that Emap has gone live with a new homepage layout for Retail Week, the leading weekly publication in the Retail sector, using Webvision SPIN2 technology.

SPIN2 technology has given Retail Week the ability to take full control of all landing pages, providing control of all page elements, including content, 3rd party widgets, advertising and sponsorship blocks. This effectively means the whole page grid has been liberated and non-technical users can quickly and easily change page layouts and create even more compelling pages using a number of new content layering techniques, such as carousels, tabbed blocks and scrollers, which condense the page inventory reducing page depth and maximizing impact.

Retail Week Spin2

Control of the grid

The page grid is typically made up of columns and rows which will vary in height and width depending on the site design and CMS. Webvision has advanced this functionality and can be used to devise a page layout using any logical combination of column widths and depths.

Grid Builder Spin2

This allows Retail Week to quickly react to the latest news and events in their industry or respond to new revenue opportunities by adapting the main site pages, changing the focus, pace of the page or creating new innovative advertising positions on a per campaign basis. This level of flexibility is unrivalled and gives Emap a clear advantage in their field.

Other Emap brands will follow shortly.

For more information about Webvision CMSand SPIN2and to request a demo please contact us on 020 7766 9810 or email us on