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Webvision - market leading CMS

Webvision is our flagship CMS developed for the media and publishing sector, serving the digital needs of business, consumer and institute publishers. It is a true multichannel publishing platform that sits at the heart of your digital infrastructure, driving content to all channels – desktop, mobile, tablet and print. Most content management systems are clunky and a chore to use, requiring endless configuration, but Webvision is different – it just works.

Our depth of experience and specialist knowledge of the industry has enabled us to develop a unique CMS that is easy to use, simplifying the production process and putting you firmly in control of your content. Because Webvision requires no technical knowledge to use, it is proven to reduce your operational costs and increase staff productivity.

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Drive revenue from paid content 

True multichannel publishing 

In an age of device proliferation, it’s no longer enough to offer your customers content delivered only via the web and in print. Information consumption habits have changed forever now that we all have smart phones and tablets, and publishers need to ensure they are offering their customers choice and value for money.

Webvision supports genuine multichannel publishing – one CMS for all channels. This means that all content production can be controlled via one workflow using the CMS to create, edit and manage different versions of the content for delivery to each channel (web, mobile, tablet and print).

Take control of your content and your customers’ experience – using Webvision SPIN technology you decide on the presentation and format of all content across each channel, creating an optimized and relevant user experience.

Mobile and responsive web design 

Increase productivity 

End-to-end digital solutions 

Webvision is driving digital revenue for some of the biggest players – Centaur, EMAP, Thomson Reuters, TSL, UBM and William Reed – and best known brands in the industry.

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