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Royal Society of Chemistry: Opening the doors to non-members

When the new website launched at 8 a.m. on 18th August 2016, there were zero non-member registrations. There are now over 16,000, who have registered with Chemistry World providing details such as professional sector, job type and country of residence in exchange for valuable content. Read on and download the case study to find out how RSC are using this to their advantage

Webvision and ADvance were delivered at the precise time on the agreed morning, exactly to budget and in accordance with timescales which were set eight months previously. It is a daily joy to use Webvision to create multi-platform content, and with ADvance we now have more data at our fingertips than we ever had before.”


Chemistry World is the long-established monthly membership magazine for the Royal Society of Chemistry. Although over 50,000 members receive the magazine, the Society’s website was attracting an audience in excess of two million visitors each year. This was despite the fact that these ‘anonymous’ visitors were only able to access a fraction of the website’s content – typically news items – but providing clear evidence that the subject matter was engaging for an audience far beyond their membership. 

Given the high level of non-member traffic to the website, and underpinned by the desire to create a new business model for Chemistry World with additional revenue streams to support the long-term sustainability of core charitable activities, the decision was taken to offer a subscription-only service to the magazine and website, without the need to apply for membership.

chemistry world new responsive website

chemistry world new responsive website

Webvision and ADvance are now used on a daily basis by about a dozen staff at Chemistry World. Three levels of subscription are offered – for members and non-members alike: digital and app, print and online, and an all-encompassing option with everything – annually, recurring monthly or via a thirty-day pass. The new e-commerce system, currently used to sell subscriptions, could be used in the future to sell additional services.



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