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Bureau Services

Modern-day bureau services helping you deliver the best customer experience for your audience


Bureau Services, including:

  • Paid and free records management (print, digital, events, single products/services)
  • GDPR-compliant data processing, import/export, data cleaning and enhancement
  • Customer service (call centre) for voice and email
  • Issue fulfilment management
  • ABC, BPA Worldwide audit reporting
  • Postal/dispatch capability
  • E-commerce including Paperless DD and CCC processing
  • Bespoke report development capability
  • Website integration services
  • Account management and marketing consultancy

Do you value your audience and do your customer’s value your products and services? If you are just looking for a traditional subscription and circulation bureau to manage your audience data and answer the phone to your customers, then our Bureau Service probably isn’t right for you. But if you really value your audience and demand the best customer experience for them, no matter what medium you are engaging with them through, then your Bureau needs to be plugged into a modern data-driven platform that can deliver on this promise. Our Bureau Service is different.

Print still remains a critical part of the media mix and a key source of revenue for many organisations, but it is not that straightforward when you start to bundle it with digital. If you want to offer your customers flexibility and services in different formats, that need subscribers to have access to digital assets (your website and apps), and want access to a single well-structured customer database (SCV) which can underpin your audience engagement, marketing and renewals activity – then your Bureau needs to be operating its business using the right technology.

Bureau Team and Consultancy Services

Abacus’ bureau services operation, also known as ADvance Services, offers clients an end-to-end subscription management and fulfilment services capability underpinned by a modern-day e-commerce platform, that is configured to allow clients to ‘pick and mix’ the services they wish to use. Our range of services are designed to help media owners grow their audience, and deliver real value for their businesses.

ad analytics

ad analytics


Key Benefits:

  • Customisable renewals and messaging engine (online and offline)
  • Full suite of financial and marketing reports
  • Business intelligence and customer insight analysis
  • Profiling, segmentation and web behaviour analysis
  • Flexible access management and gatekeeping (via ADvance API)
  • Multiple currency management
  • 24/7/365 access to your audience data
  • Real-time reporting via Cloud platform

The Bureau Team utilises our digital engagement platforms’ comprehensive subscription management capabilities to fully and properly support print and digital fulfilment (access control) alongside audience development and management. The ADvance Services team can set up both print and digital products, manage entitlement, bundle them while retaining separate tax and attribution percentages, and efficiently handle registration and subscription/product sales. When it comes to print fulfilment management for corporate and institution-wide deals, our customer services team can allocate and distribute printed copies to multiple address destinations within a corporate subscription package.

Abacus has a healthy mix of consumer clients (including Christie’s, Condé Nast, Granta and BFI’s Sight & Sound) and B2B clients (including Metropolis, Ocean Media, Aspermont, Faversham House and NewBay Media).

A selection of AD clients

A selection of AD clients

The ADvance Services team is completely focused on the customer – providing fast, efficient, and professional customer service. We strive to constantly deliver that extra percentage of care and attention to our clients’ customers, whether it is fast-tracking new order processing or responding professionally and courteously to enquiries or queries. Abacus recruits only the very best customer service and account management personnel. They are our client’s representatives – and are often the first and sometimes the only point of interaction between clients and their customers.

The Bureau management team has an impressive breadth and depth of subscription management, customer services and fulfilment and subscription marketing experience. Margaret Connolly, Head of Operations, was formerly Head of Circulation Database Management at Centaur Media.