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Abacus at MeMS 2013

Use your customer data to intelligently drive product development.

Media marketing strategies large

Media marketing strategies large

The rise of mobile and tablet consumption means that you must understand and engage with your customer in a world driven by a new mix of multiple digital channels and print. Because of this marketers need the ability to pull their audience data from across all platforms to present a complete customer view, where they have the ability to capture detailed demographics for audience segmentation. From this data, marketers will have the ability to rapidly develop new and existing products along with the ability to highly target and accurately market to their audience.

Abacus is proud to sponsor’s inaugural Media Marketing Strategies. The event will take place on Tuesday 19 November at the CCT Venues – Smithfield in London. Ian Eckert, Managing Director of Audience Development at Abacus e-Media, will be speaking in the Digital Spotlight slot at 10:10 am, discussing the importance of using your existing customer data to drive product development and revenue by exploring how data can be gathered in relation to audience behaviour across multiple platforms. He will also be leading a Round Table discussion on how we can communicate the value of paid content to prospective customers.

We will also be on hand to discuss ADvance, our cloud-based audience development platform, which has been specifically created to support modern multimedia publishing businesses. ADvance has the ability to provide powerful insights of your customer data, including detailed demographic data to identify specific behavioural patterns. This data will allow for the rapid development of new and existing products along with the ability to highly target and accurately market subscription packages to your audience.

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