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ADvance passes 10m individual user records

ADvance, Abacus’ unique audience management platform, passed a significant milestone in February when the number of individual users managed by the platform exceeded the 10 million mark for the first time.

10 million AD users

10 million AD users

Customers as diverse as Condé Nast, Centaur Media, Christie’s and the Law Society have put ADvance at the heart of their plans to make the most of Big Data by implementing a system that not only helps acquire and manage customer records, but which uniquely makes that data available to be consumed in real-time by other applications.

Each of the 10 million user records now being managed in ADvance contains information about the user’s personal profile and their preferences, a full transactional history and behavioural data including how and when they use the customer’s digital platforms. Pulling this data dynamically together creates a powerful tool for enhanced customer engagement. And ADvance has been specifically designed to seamlessly exchange this rich data with other customer experience technologies such as content management systems, email marketing platforms and CRM systems including Salesforce to ensure a joined-up data strategy. And ultimately that delivers new sales – both subscription, one-off purchases and advertising – improved yields and increased renewals and repeat purchases.

The important thing about Big Data is not the amount that you can generate – that’s the easiest part – but the extent to which you are then able to make use of it commercially. What makes ADvance so powerful compared to a typical disconnected, data warehouse-type approach is that the moment a piece of data is captured by the platform it becomes actionable – whether that is controlling access to a piece of content or presenting advertising based on the user’s profile, popping up a message reminding them their subscription is about to expire or personalising their online experience. With ADvance you can really put your customer data to work which is why we are seeing such significant growth in the platform.”

Ian Eckert, Innovation Director at Abacus.

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