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ArtReview completes migration to ADvance audience development platform

ArtReview, the international contemporary art magazine, is now live on Abacus’ ADvance platform.

ADvance is our cloud-based audience development platform, designed to support all aspects of modern multi-channel publishing.  It combines the core functions of traditional subscription and circulation fulfilment systems with a modern-day need to manage digital and online channels through e-commerce by providing the tools for rapid product development through a single web-based platform.  ADvance facilitates the collection of detailed demographic data of an audience; including subscriptions, job title, country, purchase history and web activity, to create a complete customer view of a record.  This allows for detailed audience segmentation and permits a truly data-driven product development cycle where real-time metrics captured from online and offline customer transactions allows for the rapid development of new products.



ArtReview is one of the longest-running art magazines, dedicated to expanding the audience and appreciation of contemporary art in continuous print since 1949.  Their main publication, Art Review Magazine, is one of the world’s leading international contemporary art magazines featuring reports, reviews, criticisms, and in-depth commentary on today’s international contemporary art aimed at both a general and specialist audience. The magazine is available in both print and digital (iPad, Windows Store or Visual Maniac) versions.

Using ADvance to power their registration and subscription processes, ArtReview will be able to gather detailed demographic information about their audience across multiple channels.  Furthermore, using the business intelligence and analytical tools, ArtReview will be able to use the data gathered to identify specific behavioural patterns that will provide powerful insights for the rapid development of new and existing products. This gives them the ability to gather relevant information of their audience needed for effective marketing purposes, allowing them to grow as a brand in both print and digital publishing.


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