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Cabinet Maker relaunches new site on Webvision Cloud platform

New client, the 136-year-old weekly publication Cabinet Maker, has become the first to go live on our new DXP with a fully responsive redesign.

Cabinet Maker is our first client to adopt and relaunch their site on our new Webvision Cloud DXP, offering an optimised mobile-first customer experience across all devices. The new site provides a commercial platform for Cabinet Maker to increase the value of their content through digital advertising and sponsorship revenue, which includes native advertising and microsites. Complemented with our comprehensive customer and subscription management database capabilities, the site operates with a metered access model that allows non-subscribers limited access to their highly-valued content in exchange for user data. Once the monthly limit is reached, users need to register in order to have a further set limit of access or subscribe in order to have unlimited premium content access.

Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Maker

Webvision Cloud is our brand new Digital Experience Platform (DXP) bringing together the very best of our software into one solution; comprising a professional mobile-friendly website, an enterprise-class CMS and a market-leading audience engagement database – all in the cloud. It has been built for organisations of all sizes – including SME publishers that suffer from a lack of capable digital resource – that need to provide their audience with a relevant and engaging digital experience, across all devices, at an affordable price. The platform’s out-of-the-box functionality is highly flexible, allowing our customers to evolve their websites with the changing nature of their business and quickly react to new commercial opportunities.

The performance of the new site, including mobile device uptake, has been really encouraging, and the feedback so far has been highly positive.

As a small publisher we took a long time to find the right digital technology partner and the team at Abacus have been unbelievable in helping us through what was for us a tricky time. Crucially they understand content and what digital really means in term of audience engagement, most importantly they ‘get’ what the needs of small publishers are. The performance of our new site, including mobile device uptake has been excellent and the feedback so far has been stunning. For us, Webvision Cloud will be a core driver for our on-going development and publishing strategy.”

Chris Manning, Publisher at Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Maker

This is an important site launch for Abacus representing a significant step forward in our cloud platform strategy. Cabinet Maker, along with other SME publishers coming onto the new platform, have identified significant problems that we can help them solve and new business opportunities that we can help them to realise. Webvision Cloud is all about connecting your content with your community, and building audience loyalty that you can monetise.”

Daniel Murphy, Commercial Director at Abacus

At Abacus, our ethos is to build flexible and adaptable technology that is fit for purpose, continuously evolving, and future-proofed. If you are looking to replace your website, CMS and complement it with a fully-integrated audience management database, we have a winning proposition in Webvision Cloud. For more information, please get in touch.



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