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GRC World Forums relaunches their site on Webvision Cloud

New client, GRC World Forums, has adopted our Webvision Cloud DXP platform for their leading publication.

GRC World Forums

GRC World Forums

Webvision Cloud is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for organisations of all sizes that need to provide their audience with a relevant and engaging digital experience across all devices, at an affordable price. The platform’s comprehensive access management and database capabilities collect valuable user information over time. And with the platform’s new Experience Management Engine (EME) for lead generation content, GRC can gain better insights into their audience that will allow them better engage across all devices and provide new opportunities to grow digital revenue streams. 

At Abacus, our mission is to help brands and communities grow revenue and engagement with personalised offers and experiences. If you are looking to upgrade your website, CMS and complement it with a fully-integrated digital experience platform, we have a winning proposition in Webvision Cloud.

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