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IBC365: Extending Customer Engagement with Webvision Cloud

IBC, the world-renowned show for all those involved in the broadcasting industry celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. The year also marked the launch of a new strategic venture, IBC365, business knowledge for the global media, entertainment and technology community, built on the Webvision Cloud Digital eXperience Platform (DXP) from Abacus.

responsive showcase web

responsive showcase web

IBC already had a wealth of content and reference material including broadcast-quality video interviews with industry leaders, white papers, technical data, and the show’s daily newspaper – although it was stored in several different places. IBC was keen to bring all this valuable content together onto a single platform.

Both James and the Marketing Communications Director had previous experience of working with Abacus and fully understood the value and expertise that could be translated into IBC’s traditional event operation. However, the company’s relatively new Webvision Cloud solution was very attractive to IBC and met the strategic requirements of this new venture – an all-in-one platform with very little integration dependencies, a non-technical platform for a start-up operation with limited in-house resources, a transparent cost model, and a rapid low-risk deployment project to get up and running quickly.

Given that we were not launching the new IBC365 service to generate huge amounts of revenue but rather to support the IBC event and the industry as a whole, the lower entry cost of a Cloud-based platform was very important to us

“The site has only been live a year and our focus has been on attracting a critical mass of users for the new IBC365 brand. Our target was to have 20,000 subscribers by April 2018. In fact, we have 35,000 – which demonstrates a hugely positive reaction to the new platform, and a clear desire for access to high-quality content throughout the year.

“Webvision Cloud enables us to see what our users are doing and to adapt to changing user demands. By building up user profiles, we can better satisfy their individual interests and needs. Personalisation of the digital experience will be a key activity for us in the months ahead. Abacus has been very supportive throughout the course of this complex project, which was delivered in a relatively short timescale of just five months. It has been a very successful project.”


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