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London loves Business launches on a wave of PR

The investor-backed site from new publishing start-up Casis Media launches on a wave of enthusiasm and PR activity, starting with a radio interview on LBC for joint founders and investors Graham Sherren (of Centaur Media fame) and Mike Bokaie (of Caspian Publishing success).

Llb colb2

Llb colb2

Abacus built the new site which features a bold look and showcases many innovative design and UI features – such as the mega dropdown top navigation technique pioneered recently by The Times and more commonly used across e-commerce sites, and a strong visual impact provided by mega pics and scrollers.

The technical solution is built on the Webvision v3 platform and includes an integration with the sister job board site built by Madgex, Dispatch for email broadcasting, Lucene Solr for enterprise search and a soon to launch directory powered by Marketplace directory software.

There is also a mobile-optimised experience for the latest smartphones and BlackBerrys, powered by the Webvision CMS.

We wish Casis Media every success with their new site.


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