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‘Love’ for Casis Media

Former Centaur chairman and CEO Graham Sherren have teamed up with Caspian Publishing founder Mike Bokaie to launch an online B2B media business.

The newly formed Casis Media have selected Abacus’ market leading CMS – Webvision– to launch their first title, under the project name ‘Love’. The first site will initially be sponsorship-funded and free online and will target wide business demographics.

Dan Matthews, editorial director of the new venture, is quoted in NMA saying:

“We’ve uncovered a niche in the market. It’s not a vertical title, it’s a horizontal title for a demographic of people, rather than a profession. It’s a business title that covers all sectors.”

‘Love’ is initially launching online and will be followed by mobile and tablet apps.

“We want to publish online first and see how the content works. We’ll get the core product done and dusted and then find a way to reach audiences through apps.”

Matthews said.

The site will be accompanied by a series of events, alongside creative advertising and sponsorship packages, with opportunities to sponsor specific areas and channels on the site, offering both audio and video content.

Private backers from the UK and the US have invested more than £1m in the venture.

This is an exciting project for Abacus, and we will keep you updated with the progress.


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