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Music Week completes migration to ADvance audience development platform

Intent Media’s leading music business magazine, Music Week, is now live on Abacus’ ADvance platform.

ADvance is our ground-breaking cloud-based audience development platform designed to support all aspects of modern multi-channel publishing. It combines the core functions of traditional subscription and circulation fulfilment systems by providing the tools for rapid product development and fulfilment through a single web-based platform. The fully integrated audience database facilitates the collection of detailed demographic data to provide a complete customer view of a user record - including subscriptions, purchase history and web activity - which is ideal for detailed audience segmentation. ADvance supports a truly data-driven end-to-end product development cycle by capturing real-time metrics from both online and offline transactions. The ADvance platform has been specifically designed to integrate effortlessly with existing business platforms such as finance and CMS systems, making it truly a versatile system.

Music Week was founded in 1959, originally as Record Retailer, and has been at the forefront of the music industry providing the top news, charts, data and opinions throughout the industry for over 50 years. Today, it is the most read and respected influential trading brand in the business with over 5,000 leading executives subscribed to the title. Their weekly publication is complemented by a digital version available to subscribers as well as an app for iPhone and iPad users.

Using ADvance’s e-commerce functionality will be able to tailor and target subscription packages for their print and digital editions. Furthermore, with the business intelligence and analytics tool, Music Week will be able to utilise demographic data, such as job title, and subscription information to identify specific behavioural patterns. This data will provide powerful insights for the rapid developing of new and existing products (both on and offline) along with the ability to highly target and accurately market to their audience. Music Week will continue to use Abacus’s professional bureau services for customer services and fulfilment, along with their own in-house team.


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