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New user interface for Bond Adapt recruitment software

Abacus has been commissioned by its parent company, Bond International Software, to redesign the user interface (UI) design for their industry leading recruitment software Adapt.

The challenge for the design team at Abacus was how to improve the usability and overall user experience of what had become a somewhat outdated UI for a product which is widely regarded within the recruitment industry as being technically excellent and feature rich. A key criterion for the redesign was the need for a consistent visual language, and a simpler menu structure.

Abacus Designer, Caroline Mckelvey commented:

“When I first saw Adapt I was completely new to recruitment software and felt overwhelmed by the amount of functionality. This made me the ideal new client test case! My first task was to go through user training so that I could fully understand the needs of the customer and appreciate how they would be using the software on a day-to-day basis.

“Once I fully understood what Adapt could do, I could then begin to develop a user-centric interface. I started by defining a menu structure based around the user’s tasks, and then built on the concept of a home page for each main area with the aim of giving focus to the tasks and allowing functionality to be split into easily manageable and navigable areas.”

The design team at Abacus worked closely with the technical team at Bond – meeting weekly – to ensure that all the ideas for the revised design could be incorporated into Adapt.

The final design has been extremely well received by Bond, their sales team and most importantly their customers. Tim Richards, Managing Director, Bond International Software:

“The new Adapt user interface is smart, modern, clean and very intuitive. It looks and feels like a website, so the user immediately feels confident exploring the pages as they have a familiar feel to them. Adapt was always a strong product, but now users have a much nicer environment in which to work, which in turn ensures that they use the full capabilities of the system and get the maximum benefit from it.”

About Bond International Software PLC

Abacus is a subsidiary of Bond International Software PLC, the world’s premier provider of staffing software to recruitment consultancies and corporations, with offices in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, the USA and Canada.

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