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Pharmaceutical Journal website gets a responsive makeover

Abacus has redesigned and re-launched the main journal website for new client, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), with a beautiful responsive design.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

The Pharmaceutical Journal

Using our Webvision and ADvance platforms and utilising responsive web design, the site now offers an optimised user experience for RPS members across all devices. As websites are being accessed more and more from mobile and tablets, the new site allows users to switch seamlessly between devices whilst maintaining a familiar user experience. Webvision supports genuine multichannel publishing, having one CMS where all content production can be controlled through a single workflow and delivered to each channel (web, mobile, tablet and print). This allows RPS to deliver quality content to their audience regardless of how and when they are accessing the website.

The new My CPD module has been implemented to provide an improved online learning experience. Members can log onto their account, access learning articles, track their progress and take the module tests from any device, giving them the ability to complete their learning on the go.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

The Pharmaceutical Journal

The online registration and subscription process is powered by ADvance, our cloud-based audience engagement platform designed to support all aspects of modern day e-commerce. Not only can RPS set up sophisticated product bundles they are able to capture detailed demographic information about their audience – such as job type, country of residence and/or subscription information – which can be used for audience segmentation. This is driving new revenue streams through non-member subscriptions, who can pay to access their highly-valued content for the amount of time that best suits them (daily, weekly, monthly or annually.) Integration work with Oracle CRM synchronises together both member and non-member data, which can be used for targeted communications and new product development that provide real value and relevance to their overall audience.

The Pharmaceutical Journal is the official weekly journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the professional body for pharmacists and pharmacy in England, Scotland and Wales. The publishing division has been integral to the society since its inception in 1841. The journal provides information and analysis on the latest advances in any branch of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science throughout the world.


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