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Property Week upgrades to the Webvision Cloud platform

Long-time Abacus client, who has been on the Webvision platform for more than 18 years, has adopted our CXM platform to continue to grow their digital business.

Property Week first adopted the Webvision platform in 1999 whilst at UBM. The B2B title has been owned by Metropolis Business Media since 2013, who has been an ADvance client for 16 of their titles since 2014. The upgrade to Webvision Cloud provides Property Week the benefits of being on a fully managed SaaS platform that is continuously updated with new features and functionalities that can extend their business capabilities. This will allow them to simultaneously engage with their audience across all devices and provide new opportunities to grow digital revenue streams.

Property Week responsive showcase

Property Week responsive showcase

Our platform’s comprehensive customer identity and access management, and database management capabilities give Property Week the ability to seamlessly develop and increase its digital subscription offerings, and collect valuable GDPR compliant user information over time. This gives them deeper insight into their audience, which can be used to deliver highly personalised and targeted content and marketing, advertising, as well as identify new digital product development opportunities. The new site also provides a commercial platform for Property Week to increase the value of its content through digital advertising and sponsorship revenue. Property Week is also using Abacus’ professional bureau services for print and digital subscriptions fulfilment and customer service management.

At Abacus, our ethos is to build flexible and adaptable technology that is fit for purpose, continuously evolving, and future-proofed. If you are looking to upgrade your website, CMS and complement it with a fully-integrated audience management database, we have a winning proposition in Webvision Cloud.

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