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TSL Education winners at AOP Awards 2009

Congratulations to TES who won two awards.

TES Connect wins Best Business Website

TES Connect, from TSL Education, won the Best Business website at the AOP Awards on 2nd June 2009. The website was designed, developed and implemented by Abacus and powered by our Webvision digital publishing platform. The site was praised for effective use of social networking. The judges commented:

“A vibrant and optimistic site which empowers its users. With high-quality UGC at its heart, TES Connect has harnessed the power of the community in a slick and professional way, and is clearly respected and valued by its users. With fantastic design and usability, it has enabled teachers to make a beneficial impact on the lives of their peers.”

TSL Education wins best Digital Publisher – Business

TSL Education also won the digital publisher award for its online services to teachers.

The judges commented in their citation that:

“TSL is delivering value to its audience through shared knowledge and a clear grasp of the digital space. The site provides not just a viable business model, but a personal experience to its users.  In this they have achieved exactly what they set out to do.”

Also nominated:

Congratulations to all our clients who were shortlisted this year.

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