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Non-member engagement – beyond your traditional members

Ian Eckert spoke at MEMX 2016 about how the digital revolution is impacting both the extent & expectations of the audience for member organisations and how this opens up new and exciting commercial opportunities.

He stressed that the total reachable audience for any organisation can now extend far beyond their traditional membership profile, offering the chance to engage and transact with new sets of customers wherever they are and whatever they need. Using case studies from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Law Society, Ian showed how smart use of gating and segmentation technology was enabling these organisations to exploit such opportunities.

Pharmaceutical Journal website

Pharmaceutical Journal website

He also showed how it is possible to use targeting and personalised products to improve the relationship with existing members, as well as opening up opportunities to create high-value corporate offerings.

Eckert made the point that the customer and their needs - which can be precisely determined using the mass of data these same customers provide via digital engagement - should sit at the heart of new product and service development and that this meant breaking down existing organisational and technical barriers to ensure the customer always comes first.

By using diverse examples from a long career in the digital publishing space, Eckert showed how an audience can often surprise you with its digital demands and why this means you really need to really sweat your technology to ensure you can make the most of every opportunity.

memberwise 4cs

memberwise 4cs

At Abacus, our technology enables the collection of detailed demographic member and non-member data as a by-product of their interaction with the organisation through registrations, membership subscriptions, event attendance, website activity, etc. This data helps support effective personalisation and segmentation that enables the delivery of the relevant content, services, and marketing communications needed to drive engagement that meet the needs and interests of your entire audience. The data can also be used to identify a service gap or improve upon an existing service, and give you the ability to identify the wider audience that is engaging with your content.

For more information about Abacus’ technology and services, and how they can benefit your organisation please get in touch!



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