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Member and Subscription Management

Easily set-up and manage member and non-member subscriptions


Customer success story

Deciding on the right membership and subscription model for your organisation in the digital age is not an easy task. A Memberwise report states that ‘membership schemes should be as member-focused as possible with significant emphasis on optimising the journey into membership.’ With your entire audience (both members and non-members) interacting with your information being from a wide range of different demographics and societal ‘niches’ (students, professionals, curious on-lookers, etc.), having a one-size-fits-all model is not optimum for driving engagement, retention and revenue.

Traditional membership management as delivered by a range of CRMs assumes that the limited information you collect in signing up your member is what you use to prospect, manage, engage and retain them. And although such systems may support online subscriptions, they are primarily designed to support a telephone or mail based sales team. The problem is that this is not the way your audience will increasingly wish to engage, but you need the capabilities to continually capture valuable information that can help drive engagement.


pj responsive

pj responsive


Return on Investment

  • Increase revenue - Create relevant subscription offers, meet the needs of your members and increase their lifetime value
  • Increase profit - Optimize the renewal process and reduce effort and marketing spend
  • Reduce TCO- Realise technology and staff admin savings by using a highly configurable cloud-based system and client self-service

Our membership and experience management solutions support any type of membership subscription, but are optimised for an online audience. Our solutions also offer registration management for those prospective and student members, digital, event and print product subscription, for those non-members who value your information, and support for e-commerce. In interacting with both members and non-members in these many ways, the system collects a much richer and wider set of member related information. All that is stored in a comprehensive client repository, which may be extended to store relevant website activity.

Critically in a digital world all interaction is mobile friendly. The system supports your website by providing responsive access management and offers a comprehensive single customer view and fantastic segmentation opportunities, so you can launch marketing and renewals campaigns on the basis of any data of all the varied data in the customer database.

members lawsociety

members lawsociety

Key Benefits

  • Repeat billing - Generate subscription and renewal billing from the same system and simplify the end-to-end process
  • Renewal campaign tools- Plan and execute sophisticated renewal strategies including promotions and discounts
  • Reporting suite- Track subscriptions and renewals against forecast for individual and corporate subscribers
  • Self-service- Reduce admin time to set up and manage accounts by empowering your members to manage named user allocations

Our solutions support membership marketing, appealing equally to younger members, as well as helping you to maintain healthy renewal rates with good yields. The subscription management module provides member organisations with an intuitive campaign renewal toolset that lets you plan and execute sophisticated renewal strategies. And as your membership evolves, our technology allows you to use the data to review, improve and develop upon your membership models so that they always remain relevant to your audience.

And as an optional extra, it can also drive your print fulfilment.

Membership management and marketing today is all about the channels, interactions, and opportunities offered by the evolving digital world. Abacus can provide the platform you need to take advantage.