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All posts tagged: digital strategy

‘Love’ for Casis Media

Posted by: Steve Feigen Wed, 2 Mar 2011

Former Centaur chairman and CEO Graham Sherren have teamed up with Caspian Publishing founder Mike Bokaie to launch an online B2B media business.

Paywall Strategies 2011

Posted by: Shannon Dority Tue, 1 Mar 2011

Paywall Strategies was the first event from the Media Briefing, a real-time news and information resource for the media industry.

iPhone App set to revolutionise worldwide collectibles market

Posted by: Jody Willis Thu, 15 Jul 2010

Paul Fraser Collectibles is revolutionising the world of collecting with the launch of a new iPhone app. Already described by one collector as ‘an awesome, absolute must-have for any serious collector’, the new iPhone app has been developed by Abacus to offer a unique up-to-the-minute news service for collectors worldwide.

Webvision v3 at EMAP: A digital launch pad

Posted by: Daniel Murphy Wed, 27 May 2009

In July 2008, EMAP Inform chose Webvision v3 from Abacus as the digital publishing solution for ten of its major titles. By May 2009, eight of the titles had gone live – all of them on time and on budget – with the remaining two on schedule for completion within the agreed timescales.

Ocean: Exploiting the power of Webvision v3

Posted by: Jody Willis Wed, 17 Sep 2008

Ocean Media’s Inside Housing website, designed by Abacus and based on the company’s Webvision v3 digital publishing solution, went live on time and on budget in July 2008.

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