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Customer success story

Corporate and institutional memberships and subscriptions can generate significantly higher per-client revenues as well as improved yields and profitability, and often within a more controllable and predictable sales and renewals cycle. However, the account management and billing of corporate subscriptions is more complex than single subs, and there may also be fulfilment issues, especially in the digital space where the organisation may wish to put limits on users and usage.

self service

self service

Key Benefits

  • Self-service – Reduce admin time to set up and manage corporate accounts by empowering your customers to manage named user allocations
  • Reporting suite – Track subscriber take up, access and usage and proactively manage each account
  • Configuration – Set up sophisticated access regimes and messaging, such as IP, email domain and concurrency limits without technical know-how
  • Repeat billing – Generate subscription and renewal billing from the same system and simplify the end-to-end process

Our platforms help to solve this by empowering your customers or members to manage corporate accounts and control named user allocations.

Non-technical business users can easily set up and configure corporate subscriptions or institutional access.

The first step is defining the products, and our technology can handle any type of subscription content bundle, for example access to content delivered by website or through an app, with a bundled print magazine.

The next is to define entitlement, and as well as a multi-layered password regime supporting IP ranges and/or email domain authentication all supported by intelligent messaging.

Corporate and institutional subscriptions can be sold on our platforms or through your CRM, but typically the corporate administrator undertakes the self-service administration, adding and removing users, who can then register and manage their own passwords.

Return on Investment

  • Reduce TCO – Realise technology and staff admin savings by using a highly configurable cloud-based system and client self-service
  • Increase revenue – Convert single subscription deals into multi-seat licence deals
  • Increase profit – Transform the renewal process and reduce effort and marketing spend

Online access control can be managed in a number of ways, and concurrency limits can be defined for digital access to content, while the print fulfilment module will handle multi-drop or single drop mailings.

Through the life of the subscription named users can be reallocated at any point, and users can give control of managing seat allocation and content entitlements to their customers or members with the corporate subscription self-service module, which allows the administrator to add users via bulk upload, saving time and effort.

Finally, you can track account usage and report on the behaviour and interests of the individual named users, providing the intelligence you need to proactively manage the account and to maximise renewals.